COS Mechanical Accumulation Conveyor

COSAW combines the simplicity of wheel and belt conveyor designs into a zero pressure accumulator. As one of the very first zero pressure conveyor designs, this former Unex product provides proven reliability and durability for a variety of applications for any product conveyable on skate wheel. Its mechanical linkage makes installation simple and easy to maintain.

The 4′ wide V-bottom belt eliminates shortcomings associated with belt tracking and allows lengths up to 200 feet. Product weights up to 75 pounds per foot moving at speeds up to 300 hundred feet per minute are possible. Our standard unit features axle reinforcing channels that prevent axle deflection making it ideally suited for impact loading applications, such as high speed pick lines. In addition, the standard wheel capacity has been upgraded to 100 pounds each. The drive allows for varying power requirements up to 2 horsepower and more belt pull than many competitors.

Frame Width Wheels/Foot Drive Weight
3-1/2 x 1-1/8″ x 12 ga. Galv. Steel with
reinforced channels
18″ 16 (100 lb. capacity) 1/2 – 2 HP 3# – 75# per foot 45 – 300 FPM

How the accumulation works
The 4′ belt is supported by pressure wheels every 12″. When the weight of a conveyed item causes the sensing wheels to depress, two sets of pressure wheels are lowered, disengaging the belt from the items in the zone behind it.

When Box A rests on Sensing Wheel #1 (SW1), both sets of Pressure Wheels #1 (PW1) will lower. Box C will then come to a stop, depressing SW2, eliminating drive over PW2 and causing Box D to stop.

When the case stop is lowered, Boxes A and B will resume travel. When Box B clears Sensing Wheel #1, the belt will re-engage Box C which will also resume travel. When Box C clears Sensing Wheel #2, Box D will re-start. This creates a ‘singularity action’ into accumulation and when resuming transportation.

Component Specifications
Side Channels 1 1/8″ x 3 1/2″ x 1 1/8″ brake formed 12 ga.
Cross Members 12 ga. Galv., 5 per section
Center Bands 1 1/8″ x 14 ga. Galv.
Center Channels 1 1/8″ x 1 13/16″ x 12 ga. Galv. (furnished as
Wheels 16 wheels/foot, 100 lb. capacity
Spacers Galvanized steel, approx. .050″ thick
Pressure Wheel Assemblies 1/4″ bolt and lock nut.
Adjustable Connectors 18 ga. Galv.
End Assemblies 5″ dia. Molded plastic casters. Self-aligning,
relube type, precision grade bearings, mounted on
1 3/16″ dia. Shaft.
Drives Center mounted, uses 4″ belt; Minimum belt
wrap at 6″, speeds up to 300 FPM, greater reducer
size flexibility
Belt 4″ wide, PVC 150, modified “A” section V-Guide
centered on PVC side, brush side

Determining maximum length & horsepower per unit

Maximum Unit Length = Length Limit x
Average Product Weight per Foot Length Limits Based on Product
40 lbs. 178 feet
50 lbs. 142 feet
60 lbs. 119 feet
70 lbs. 102 feet

Note: For different weights and speeds, please consult COSveyor.

Factor Based on Length Limit Due to
Speed & HP
Speed 1/2 HP 1 HP 1-1/2 HP 2 HP
60 fpm x 1.0 x x x
75 fpm x .92 x 1.0 x x
90 fpm x .76 x 1.0 x x
120 fpm x .57 x .76 x 1.0 x
150 fpm x .46 x .61 x .92 x 1.0
200 fpm x .36 x .48 x .76 x .92
240 fpm x .28 x .38 x .57 x .76