Conveyor Installations is the place where you will find your full service material handling experts. We specialize in just about any situation that might arise in the conveyor and warehousing environment - from electrical, pneumatics, to mechanical, scanning/weighing technology and storage systems. If that's what you're looking for then your search is over! Give us a call right now (630) 878-9490 or read on to learn more...

We Service Your Area

Servicing Chicago, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Our technicians are available 24/7 because we understand service needs don't just happen between 9 & 5. We've earned the nickname "Minute Men" because we're ready at a moments notice, making it a priority to respond and resolve quickly. We can typically be on location in under 2 hours anywhere in the Chicago land area and in most cases, get you up and running in less time than that.


Along with our fabrication capabilities our 20,000 square foot facility is home to a large inventory of repair parts such as motors, gear reducers, belts, sprockets, chains, pulleys, bearings, rollers and electrical devices. We are your single source supplier, pulling parts from our back room or an array of well-respected manufacturers that span the globe to companies like yours all over the world!

Seasoned Experts

If you are looking for experts who know conveyors, you've found them - we are skilled mechanics by nature. There is rarely a problem we can't solve and if we do come across the occasional challenge that is outside the scope of what we do - we'll be very upfront about that too and point you in the right direction. When you call on us, you have the advantage of years of collected experience coupled with the expert guidance of our seasoned suppliers. We take a no-nonsense approach to all of our projects - big or small. We realize we aren't the only ones who do what we do; we just make sure we're the best!


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